2-way Unimizer


Griswold Controls’ Unimizer® valves achieve true equal percentage flow from the patented parabolic shape of the Optimizer. The valves include the patented low torque seals allowing the same 35 in-lb actuator to be used on 1/2″ to 3″ valve. The valves also feature the universal mounting plate which allows the valve to be installed with your choice of actuator. And finally, the Unimizer valves feature the patented repairable Next Generation stem which allows for stem repair or replacement without removing the valve. This extends the life of the valve well beyond traditional actuated valves on the market.

The Unimizer® eliminates inaccuracy in ball valves. This is made possible with the technology of the Griswold parabolic flow OPTIMIZER®, a device inserted into the ball to achieve Equal Percentage Control Characteristics.