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Fumex Direct and Belt Drive Centrifugal Upblast Roof Exhausters are designed for medium to high pressure applications. They can be either roof or wall mounted. While suitable for general ventilation, Fumex fans are specially designed to discharge contaminated or grease-laden air or heat/smoke up and away from building surfaces. The optional Fatrap restaurant grease exhaust configuration makes Fumex fans particularly suited for all food service applications and chemical fume hoods. Additionally, the heat & smoke configuration is used in case of emergencies or high-temperature exhaust applications.


  • Direct or Belt Drive
  • Roof-Mount, Spun Aluminum Upblast
  • U.L. 762 Rated for Grease Laden Air Exhaust
  • Capacity: From 54 – 30,609 cfm; 0 – 4.7” w.g.
  • Model FMX50B: High Capacity, High Volume
  • Model FX_B: Belt Drive
  • Model FX_BFT: Belt Drive with Fatrap
  • Model FX_BH: High Pressure Wheel
  • Model FX_BHFT: High Pressure Wheel with Fatrap
  • Model FX_BH-HS: High Pressure Wheel, Belt Drive, Heat/Smoke Removal
  • Model FX_B-HS: Belt Drive, Heat/Smoke Removal,
  • Model FX_VSR/Q: Direct Drive
  • Model FX_VSR/Q-TF: Direct Drive with Fatrap
  • Model WFX_B: Wall Fumex, Belt drive
  • Model WFX_BFT: Wall Fumex, Belt Drive with Fatrap
  • Model WFX_BH: Wall Fumex, High Pressure Wheel
  • Model WFX_BHFT: Wall Fumex, High Pressure Wheel with Fatrap
  • Model WFX_VSR/Q: Wall Fumex, Direct Drive
  • Model WFX_VSR/Q-FT: Wall Fumex, Direct Drive with Fatrap