Butterfly Valves Manual


Typical Service

These soft-seated butterfly valves are designed for a variety of general applications in the control

of water, air, oil, gases, and corrosive media. They are equally effective for on-off, throttling,

or isolation service requirements. Lug style valves are designed for dead-end service

to the full pressure rating of the valve. Butterfly valves are especially well

suited for higher velocity service and vacuum service.


  • • Phenolic backed (2″ – 14″), aluminum backed (16″ – 24″),

• non-collapsible, resilient elastomer seat. Available in EPDM or Buna-N.

  • • ISO 5211 mount is standard. Double D shaft is standard 2″ – 10″ while keyway design is supplied

12″ – 24″

  • • Stem is a one-piece design for maximum strength and is retained in valve body for blowout

proof operation. 416SS stem is standard with aluminum bronze or ductile iron discs. 316SS

is standard for 316SS discs (2″ – 12″) and 431SS is standard for 316SS discs (14″ – 24″)

  • • Stem bushings provide shaft support for proper stem alignment and minimize stem deflection.
  • Duralon bushings are standard material in 2″ – 12″ sizes. Bronze bushings are standard

in 14″ – 24″ sizes.

  • • Stem seals prevent external contamination of stem area and provide backup for the primary

shaft seal formed by the disc/seat interface.

  • • ASTM-A563 ductile iron body available in full lug (Model 88) or wafer (Model 87) designed

for use between ANSI 125 and 150 flanges. Face-to-face dimension comply with API 609

and MSS-SP-67.

  • • Available in standard 10-position locking handle or optional infinite positioning locking

handle. Also gear operators are available 2″ – 24″. Contact the factory for electric or

pneumatic actuation.