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Breezeway axial propeller panel fans are designed for wall exhaust and supply mounted installations for various performance applications. They are available in a wide range of fabrication styles and performances. Models are BC, P Series, Breezex, BLL, BHM/BHH and BCH.



  • Direct and Belt Drive
  • Roof Mounted Downblast
  • Vandal Resistant
  • Capacity: 73 – 7,381 cfm; 0-1.125″ w.g.
  • Model BC – Direct Drive, Large Capacity, Cast Aluminum
  • Model BCH – Belt Drive, Heavy Duty, Cast Aluminum
  • Model BHH – Belt Drive, Heavy Duty
  • Model BHM – Belt Drive, Medium Duty
  • Model BLL – Belt Drive, Light Duty
  • Model BX – Reversible Direct Drive, Light Duty
  • Model P-Series – Direct Drive, Light Duty