Flanged End QuickSet and Metering (2.5″ – 20″)


The QuickDiscTM and QuickSet® are manual balance valves that include venturi inserts for flow measurement and isolation valves with memory stops for flow setting. The venturis are precisely machined to attain ±1% accuracy throughout its range. The venturi produces a high-pressure signal for flow adjustment, while creating very low permanent pressure loss, thereby minimizing pump head requirements and maximizing system efficiency.

Pitot Tube and Venturi metering stations require 4-10 diameters of straight pipe entry for accurate measurement. Many retrofit jobs don’t have 4-10 diameters of space, so accurate measurement is frequently compromised. Griswold Controls’ engineers studied “Disturbed Flow Measurement” and developed a patented Piezo Ring and dual chamber design, enabling accurate measurement in the smallest footprint. Now engineers can specify to ±1% accuracy and locate the valve with less than four pipe diameters entry piping, or adjacent to an elbow or temperature control. Whether a new or retrofit installation, these valves require only simple and direct piping, saving valuable equipment space and field labor and ensuring quality comfort conditioning and lowering operating costs for owners.

Griswold Controls also offers the venturi in a Metering Station that can be used for flow measurement. The Metering Stations are available with an electronic output signal (transducer) from the measuring station. This makes it easy and convenient to integrate the valve into a building’s energy management computer system and accurately measure flow at all times.