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PennBarry Wall Mounted Axial Propeller Panel Fans, incorporating deep-spun inlet scrolls to minimize losses due to fan inlet conditions, perform at a high efficiency. Rugged construction insures long life even in the severest industrial application. Panel Fans, which are capable of moving large volumes of air quickly, are in service at industrial plants, power generating stations and commercial applications throughout the country. Extensive special applications, such as in parking garages, mine ventilation, heat exchangers, and drying installations have been easily accomplished and successfully in operation for many years.


  • Direct Drive or Belt Drive
  • Heavy-Duty Construction
  • Wall-Mount Propeller Fan
  • Capacity: Up to 323,000 cfm; 0 – 1.8” w.g
  • Capacity: Up to 264,000 cfm; 0 – 10.0” w.g.
  • Model PNB: Belt Drive
  • Model MBP: Belt Drive, Slow Speed
  • Model PND: Direct Drive