Single Duct Terminal


SDV submittal

The SDV, single duct air terminal, features a primary inlet with an integral damper and a discharge plenum sized to fit standard Tuttle & Bailey hot water coils. The SDV is lined with insulation to provide sound absorption and thermal resistance.

• Patented Flo-Cross® Sensor which features 24 point upstream and downstream sensing with center averaging chambers and exclusive amplification wings (Patent # 4,453,419)

• A wide variety of sizes (10) results in a total flow range of 45 to 7100 CFM

• ARI certified performance data (refer to for a free copy of the ARI Applied Directory)

• Heavy duty 22 gauge casing construction

• Industry standard round inlet collars sized to accept either flexible or rigid duct

• Internally lined casing utilizing 1/2” thick dual density fiberglass insulation. Insulation meets or exceeds the safety and erosion requirements of standard UL-181 and NFPA 90A

• Round damper blade constructed of elastomeric gasket sandwiched between two heavy-duty 22 gauge galvanized steel plates, resulting in low air leakage

• Shaft with Delrin bearings. Shaft features a position indicator for easy identification of damper angle

• Slip and Drive connection on the discharge plenum